Design + Craftsmanship:

Right from the original sketches to final touches, all our designs begin as a shared collaboration with the craftsmen (Khatris). Our products combine the best of handmade elegance and machine made quality. Embellishments like stitch work or tassels are hand crafted by women artisans while zippers and other hardware are all quality controlled and are of YKK standard.


Our Khatris:

Perfectionists and experts in the coloring of textiles, Khatris create all our textiles for us.

 They use a labor-intensive block printing technique invented in the 1500's in India. Skillfully crafted out of a small village in a barren desert, these prints attest to the resourcefulness of artisans over the years. Our products keep these magical ancient techniques alive.

It takes the skill & patience of a true artisan to create our fabrics. Each pattern undergoes a 14 stage printing process and takes roughly 2 weeks to complete.

Living in the desert, craftsmen have come up with an incredible way to utilize raw materials from nature. They work in total harmony with their environment, using the sun, river, animals, trees, and mud to print and color fabrics.

Unlike other processes of printing, where the color is applied directly to the cloth, these fabrics are first printed with a resist paste (a paste that masks off the actual pattern of the block used) and then dyed. The process is repeated multiple times with different kinds of dyes, to achieve the final pattern. The process is gradual and time consuming. Artisans take the cloth through several stages of washing, and mordanting (printing a fixative). Through each stage the quality of the water influences everything – from the shades of the colors themselves to the success or failure of the entire process.

Longer intervals of time between each step, ensures more a vivid final print.


This is a brief incite to the work done on each of our pieces. We hope it gives you a renewed appreciation for your purchases from us.