About us

 Our Endeavor

To create a harmonious and comfortable environment that allows you to express yourself in the most beautiful way possible.


Our philosophy

To use traditional, humble handcrafting techniques integrated with a contemporary, elegant aesthetic.

At the heart of it

To make every effort to help the artisan keep his art and pass it along to future generations.


About Samta

Samta grew up in Mumbai, India. Her intrigue with textiles started when she was a little girl, rummaging through her grandfather's collection of antique, hand printed, hand painted and hand embroidered fabrics. Some were worthy of museums. The stunning craftsmanship, the exquisite detailing and the master color combinations captured her imagination and exposed her to what could be.

Unhappy with the mass produced fabrics that were available in the market, she and her mother would always experiment with and design their own clothes - using swatches and pieces from her grandfather's treasure trove. The resulting garments had their own unique style: an innovative combination of timeless, authentic craftsmanship with contemporary fashion silhouettes. 

Studio Pastiche was born in a similar fashion. While completing her thesis at Parsons, New York, Samta collaborated with craftsmen to keep their skill and tradition alive in a vibrant yet relevant way.  She then worked for several years in the luxury luggage and home decor markets. Excited by what she learned through the years, she wanted to go back and reconnect with the craftsmen and showcase their skills to the world. Her vision was to create handmade products that have soul and a touch of modernity, inspired by Indian heritage. Studio Pastiche uses precious, handcrafted fabrics in this unique way, humbly bringing a little bit of tradition and elegance and to you and your home.